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RIOpanel Standard

RIOpanel radiators in the well-known classic Danish Design match perfectly in any private home, flats, offices, business premises - both for new buildings and in renovation work in old houses. Design, quality and first-class finish with high output and modern production processes ensure today´s market position.

The universal applications of the RIOpanel Standard make the radiator ideal for any type of building.

The extensive stock programme, with several types and sizes, guarantees quick delivery.

If required, RIOpanel Standard radiator can be supplied with connections other than standard 1/2” ABCD tappings, and furthermore RIOpanel Standard can be manufactured with built-in valve.

RIOpanel Standard can be tailor made to customers’ angled or curved specifications.

RIOpanel Standard is supplied in white. However, other colours are available on request (at a surcharge).

Due to the use of high quality of materials along with experienced manufacturing techniques - as well as intensive quality control - RIOpanel Standard radiators are supplied with a 10 year guarantee - subject to correct installation.

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Robust, profiled radiator.

High output - highly efficient.

Extensive range of heights, types and lengths.

Stock range with many radiator types and sizes = short delivery times.

Available with other tappings than ½" ABCD.

Option with built-in valve systems for one-pipe as well as two-pipe systems.

Tailor-made to customers' angled or curved specifications.

Cold rolled sheets - thickness 1.25 mm.

0.5 mm convector steel.