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RIOpanel Seriel Integral

RIOpanel Seriel Integral combines all the advantages from RIOpanel Integral and RIOpanel Seriel in one product. Aesthetic, robust design, rapid installation - and the ability to connect several radiators in series.

RIOpanel Seriel Integral is based on the well-known RIOpanel Plan radiator.

Due to the welded-on flat front and the curved sides the radiator is extremely robust and easy to clean. Unlike other standard RIOpanel Plan radiators, the RIOpanel Seriel Integral is not fitted with loose sides and a top grille. Therefore the solution is ideal in buildings where whole life costs are important decision parameters and must go hand in hand with the design. In addition to hospitals this could be utilized in schools, colleges and universities.

RIOpanel Seriel Integral has a built-in valve system and is supplied with press fittings, with the pipe dimensions required. This facilitates extremely fast installation - and saves costs.

The radiators are connected in series via the pipes in each side of the radiator. The radiators can be hung up before the other installations have been finished.

RIOpanel Seriel Integral is especially suitable for refurbishment projects.


Due to the use of high quality of materials along with experienced manufacturing techniques - as well as intensive quality control - RIOpanel Seriel Integral radiators are supplied with a 10 year guarantee - subject to correct installation.

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Aesthetic, robust design.

Fast installation - cost saving.

Ability to connect several radiators in series.

Flat front and curved sides.

Easy to clean.

Not fitted with loose sides and top grille.

Built-in valve system.

Press fittings with the pipe dimensions required.Can be hung up before finishing other installations.