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RIOpanel Plan

RIOpanel Plan is a radiator, which fits into any modern accommodation, whether it is for living areas, business facilities, schools etc.

The "designer style" flat front makes the radiator a timeless heating solution, giving an elegant and discrete appearance.

The extensive stock range, with several types and sizes guarantees short delivery times.

The large selection of different types makes it possible to design and use the Plan radiator in any building or refurbishment project.

The types 20, 21, 22 and 33 are available with built-in valve systems.

RIOpanel Plan is supplied in RAL 9010 white. However, other colours are available on request (at a surcharge).

Due to the use of high quality of materials along with experienced manufacturing techniques - as well as intensive quality control - RIOpanel Plan radiators are supplied with a 10 year guarantee - subject to correct installation.

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Panel radiator with flat front.


Discreet, modern heating solution.


Stock range with several radiator models and sizes = short delivery times.


Large selection of heights, models and lengths.


Some radiator models available with valve system.