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RIOpanel LK

RIOpanel LK is ideal where the wish is to combine high heating performance with a heating source that takes up as litte space as possible.

RIOpanel LK convectors can be used as the only heating source in the room, but are often combined with standard RIOpanel radiators.

The convector is ideal for positioning in front of full height glazing, under ceilings, in convector trenches in floors or where space is limited.

RIOpanel LK is both stylish and discreet and is therefore easy to fit into any living environment.

RIOpanel LK is delivered in a white RAL 9010 standard colour, but can also be delivered in individual colours (at a surcharge).

Due to the use of high quality of materials along with experienced manufacturing techniques - as well as intensive quality control - RIOpanel LK convectors are supplied with a 10 year guarantee - subject to correct installation.


Convector with a discreet and clean design.

High heating output.

Stock range with several radiator models and sizes = short delivery times.

Large selection of heights, models and lengths.

- in front of full height glazing
- under the ceiling
- or in convector trenches in the floor.

Special profile tubes - H70 mm x W11 mm (2 mm thick).


Available with built-in valve system for one-pipe and two-pipe valve systems.