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A brief history

The story behind Ribe Jernindustri and RIOpanel

Ribe Jernindustri stands for Danish craftsmanship, quality and design. In actual fact we have more than 160 years' experience in designing and manufacturing products of the very highest quality.

When, in 1848, Ribe's pharmacist, Frederik von Stöcken, founded the firm, he probably did not realise that he was creating what would become the town's leading company for the following 160 years. The first product, a cast-iron stove that achieved nationwide fame, was produced in what was then known as Ribe Jernstøberi (Ribe Iron Foundry).

In 1871, production was extended to include kitchen ranges, ploughshares and barn windows. The product range also encompassed a variety of items used in everyday housekeeping, all of which were manufactured by other firms. Enamelled cauldrons, pots and pans, meat mincing machines and irons were among the products marketed.
Ribe Jernstøberi survived the First World War without difficulty and even increased the number of employees. In the 1920s, the cast-iron stoves were the best-selling product. It was not until the 1950s, however, that the first real brand was established, with something completely different: "Ribegryden" – an enamelled pot used daily in many Danish homes. Even the leading cookery book author and columnist of the time, Kirsten Hüttemeier, expressed enthusiastic approval of Ribegryden; the Ribe pot. Despite this, though, production of Ribegryden and other enamelled kitchenware was stopped in 1973, when attention was turned to the manufacture of radiators.

Ribe Jernstøberi began to produce and market pressed steel panel radiators in 1960. At the time, it was an important decision and bold gamble when Managing Director Rahbek decided that Ribe Jernstøberi was to manufacture panel radiators. He had, in fact, originally decided to expand production of column radiators, but changed his mind. During a trip abroad, he discovered that demand for pressed steel radiators was growing rapidly. He therefore reorganised production on his return. New machinery was acquired and new factory buildings constructed.
And it did not take long to see that he had made the right decision. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Denmark and the rest of Europe experienced a veritable building boom. Sales of panel radiators therefore rocketed, and the factory was continually expanded. The number of employees also grew rapidly, and in 1973 there were as many as 600 people working at the factory in Ribe.

That same year, 1973, the company's 125th anniversary was celebrated by renaming it Ribe Jernindustri A/S, its name to this day. At the same time, production of cast iron was stopped, and the factory has produced almost nothing but panel radiators ever since.
Practically nothing but panel radiators has been manufactured in Ribe since 1973. Production has been continually automated and streamlined, a necessity for survival in the face of stiff international competition.

The "Rio" radiator has found its way into many Danish homes. Over the years, it has proved its worth with its classic look and robust design, properties which still ensure that RIOpanel is the best-selling radiator brand in Denmark.
In 2004, Ribe Jernindustri acquired Hudevad radiator factory, located near Årslev on Funen. Hudevad is the leading brand within top-quality design radiators and specialises in complex solutions tailor-made to meet customer wishes. Hudevad's best-selling product is the flat-fronted Plan radiator. You can read much more about Hudevad at

Ribe Jernindustri A/S is the leading Danish manufacturer today of radiators and convectors. We employ 115 people in total and all production is performed in Ribe. Our unremitting focus on functionality, design and quality, combined with our long tradition of exceptional craftsmanship, is our strength and pride.

If you would like to hear more about the company or our products, please contact us at

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